TP Link Archer CR 500 16x4 Cable Modem (Review)

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TP Link Archer CR 500 16x4 Cable Modem may over heat under heavy use.

Whether you love streaming movies or online gaming, having a reliable cable modem is crucial. 

You need a gadget that will suit all your needs. Fortunately, there are several modems you can consider for your work or entertainment purposes.

TP-Link Archer CR500 16x4 is an excellent device among the most purchased devices.

If you want to get rid of rental fees, you should try this modem. 

With this device, it will connect you and your family members to the internet quick.

It is affordable, and the speed is excellent; But not everyone can praise the modem. 

This is because it has several shortcomings; In order for you to make a good choice, below is the product review of TP-Link Archer CR500 16x4.

Who can TP Link Archer CR 500 16x4?

TP-Link Archer CR500 16x4 is a modem that will ensure you eliminate rental fees.

It is a powerful device that is very safe to use at home. 

Whether you want one for gaming, streaming or browsing, you can have TP-Link Archer CR 500 cable modem. 

This device has been designed for various tasks that include downloading and uploading large files, HD streaming with ease, and online gaming.

But the rating of the device is not pleasing; This is because it is has several shortcomings. 

For example, once you connect the device, you might be forced to reset and unplug it a number of times so that it can reconnect. 

This can be so upsetting when uploading or downloading important files.

The other major drawback with this modem is the heat. 

TP-Link Archer CR500 16x4 is a gadget that can get hot when used for several hours. 

This makes it reconnect and you have it wait for some minutes for it to cool down.

In addition, you might spend a lot of time trying to solve connectivity issues. 

This means users will have to reconnect the device several times to ensure it's connected to the internet.

What is included in TP-Link Archer CR500 16x4 Box?

TP-Link Archer CR 500 16x4 modem is a modem has does not need major accessories for reconnection. 

Inside the package, users will find the device and the required accessories. 

Once, you have the box, you need to ensure the modem is in the right state and all the needed cables are present.

Unfortunately, once you have the device, it's not as expected, the customer service is not good. 

They might refuse to accept the device back; This is frustrating especially if you have not used the device. 

In most cases, they claim the problem is with the internet provider but not with the modem. 

Hence, make sure the modem is intact and always contact the seller once you notice something is not right.

Overview of features

TP-Link Archer CR 500 16x4 modem is a device that will ensure you eliminate rental fees. 

With this device, you can be able to enjoy high-speed network and be able to have a reliable home network. 

For gaming or HD streaming without downtime, TP-Link Archer CR500 16x4 is a good choice.

The speed and processing are amazing. 

If you are looking for a gadget with reliable performance, consider TP-Link Archer CR500 16x4. 

The device is compatible with all major internet service providers that include Cox, Comcast, Spectrum, and others. 

It is a device that serves as a cable modem and a Wi-Fi router; This means you can connect all your home devices.

How to install TP Link Archer CR 500 16x4

The installation of the TP-Link Archer CR500 16x4 is simple and a task that can be done by anyone. 

All you need is to connect the right cables to the right ports. 

But it is always important to ensure that everything is in order before you install and connect the device. 

In case something is not well, make sure you contact the seller immediately.

Alternatives products

TP-Link Archer CR 500 cable modem 16x4 is a device known for amazing speed, powerful connection, and very reliable. 

You can purchase the device for your home use; It is affordable and can work well with all home devices. 

However, it has several shortcomings. 

From overheating to reconnection problems, you might feel it is a good idea to consider alternative products. 

Luckily, there are many cable modems you consider; You can have renewed devices that work and look like new products or consider new modems.

One alternative cable modem to check is Netgear Nighthawk CM1100 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem.

It is a simple device but very effective; It is a device that can take your home internet connection to a different level. 

The device is compatible with all major internet providers. 

Although it has a few drawbacks as well, you can check its features to see whether it suits your needs.

The other alternative device is ARRIS Surfboard Docsis 3.1 Cable Modem - (Renewed). 

Even though it is a renewed gadget, it is a powerful one and its speed is amazing. 

Besides, it works and looks like a new device. 

If you need one for your office or home tasks, this is a good choice. 

It is affordable and can be connected to several devices at the same time.


If you want your home to be connected to the internet, you can consider TP-Link Archer CR500 16x4 cable modem. 

It is not a bad device for someone looking for an affordable and easy to install a cable modem. 

However, you need to check the features clearly to make sure it suits all your needs. 

They design the device for various tasks that include gaming, streaming, and browsing.

However, if you feel it does not meet your expectations, you can consider alternative products. 

Although the products have a few drawbacks, they may meet your expectations. 

Both ARRIS Surfboard Docsis 3.1 Cable Modem - (Renewed) and Netgear Nighthawk CM1100 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem are reliable and effective products.


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