NETGEAR CMD31T-100NAR (4x4) Cable Modem: Review

Posted in Blog on September 29, 2019

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The NETGEAR CMD31T-100NAR cable modem is a good brand but with issues.

Today, many people are using pre-owned products including cable modems.

NETGEAR Renewed CMD31T-100NAR (4x4) Cable Modem is one product that has been inspected and tested to work and looks just like a new modem.

Even though not everyone is happy with this cable modem, you can purchase it for all your internet needs.

Who can use the NETGEAR Renewed CMD31T-100NAR (4x4) Cable Modem?

NETGEAR Renewed CMD31T-100NAR (4x4) Cable Modem is a high-performance cable modem that you can use for your home or office functions. 

Being a high-performance gadget, you can download, upload, and use for online gaming. 

However, the modem is not durable, and the speed is poor. 

This means you cannot use it for high-performance tasks especially office functions. 

Based on many users’ feedbacks, the modem can take over five minutes to connect. 

In addition, it is not compatible with several cable service providers.

What is inside the NETGEAR Renewed CMD31T box?

NETGEAR Renewed CMD31T-100NAR (4x4) Cable Modem provides a connection to a high-speed cable. 

It is a device you can use to download, upload, or online gaming. 

Hence, if you are searching for a refurbished modem, you can consider NETGEAR Renewed CMD31T-100NAR (4x4) Cable Modem.

Even though it is backed by a 90-day warranty, there are several disappointments from the users. 

Most people claim that it does not work as expected. 

There are many drawbacks concerning this renewed cable modem that include slow performance.

Overview of features

Most people are searching for a good cable modem. 

Whether it is new or refurbished, you need one that can serve your purposes. 

NETGEAR Renewed CMD31T-100NAR (4x4) Cable Modem is a renewed device that works and looks a new one.

This cable modem has been inspected and tested to work as a new modem. 

Also, it is backed with a 90-day warranty. 

Although it is not compatible with the spectrum, Time Warner, and Charter, the performance is not bad.

With high-performance of up to 150 Mbps, you can download and upload HD videos. 

It is also compatible with several cable service providers saving you time and money.

However, the serial number is removed. 

This is a bit discouraging to most users especially when a service internet provider asks for the serial number.

How to use the NETGEAR Renewed CMD31T-100NAR (4x4) Cable Modem

Today, most homes, offices, and schools are using cable modems for high internet performance. 

With NETGEAR Renewed CMD31T-100NAR (4x4) Cable Modem, no monthly equipment charges needed.

However, the modem can take several minutes before connecting. 

This might discourage anyone who is looking for a high-performance cable modem.

Alternatives products

NETGEAR Renewed CMD31T-100NAR (4x4) Cable Modem has several drawbacks. 

If you feel this is not the best cable modem for you, there are several alternative devices to consider.

Some of the best alternative products to consider include ARRIS Surfboard SBG6580-2 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem/Wi-Fi N600 (N300 2.4Ghz + N300 5GHz) Dual Band Router - Retail Packaging Black (570763-034-00), MOTOROLA 8x4 Cable Modem, Model MB7220, 343 Mbps DOCSIS 3.0, Certified by Comcast XFINITY, Time Warner Cable, Cox, BrightHouse, and More (No Wireless)

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