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Welcome friend, my name is Tony, and I created this free guide on "How to Start a Video Game Blog."

I will do my best to give you the latest information on how to start a video game blog.

I created this guide for people who want to start a blogging career in gaming.

While this guide talks about starting a video game blog, you don't have to create a blog in the video game niche.

Anyone can use this information to create an awesome blog in whatever they desire.

In fact, learning how to create a blog from someone that has a video game blog is an advantage.

Think about it like this: Would a desktop computer perform better than a gaming computer?

It's the same with creating a blog.

Creating a video game blog has a few extra steps that make it more appealing to its viewers.

To make this guide easy to understand, I added the extra video game steps towards the end.

This way people who don't want to start a video game blog can skip those steps. 

With a few basic skills, little guidance and resources, you can own a professional blog and begin making money from it.

However, there is no need to rush it.

We will walk through every part of the practice while avoiding simple mistakes that may delay your journey to success.

Sounds great? Now hold on to your hat as we get started!

1. The Basics of a Blog

While it’s easier to start a blog, the same may not be true, especially for beginners.

It’s a journey that requires a lot of effort and fixing to make it a success.

However, you will only do it once and for all. First, you need to come up with ideas on a niche of your choice.

3 Things to Consider:

  Your passions

  Area of expertise

  Hobbies and more

You can also pick a topic with higher odds of earning you money.

Most bloggers do this and end up being successful in their careers.

Additional considerations include:

Broad- You can choose a broad website topic containing many subs-topics.

Examples of broad topics include entertainment, health, finance, home improvement and more.

Narrow- A narrow niche allows you to concentrate on both building and marketing email lists.

Potential traffic- A lot of traffic means higher chances of making a lot of money.

To get ideas of niches with high traffic potential, conduct preliminary keyword research.

Second, get to know the leading blogging models.

What to do when there are many competitors in your Niche.

There is no reason to worry about competition with blogging.

Leading niches can generate more traffic and earn a lot of money.

Quality content and keyword research is the key to stay ahead of your competitors.

Making money with your website

There are many avenues through which you can make money on blogging. The common ones include:

Ad revenue

• Ads do magic for blogging. You need to choose a niche topic based on your passions and experience.

While it's ideal to choose a niche based on its commercial potential, affiliate offers achieve little in most niches.

Affiliate Revenue

This is the most common way of earning revenue through blogging.

Here, merchants will provide you a link to use on your website.

You will share the link to potential visitors, and when they click and make successful purchases, you earn a commission.

A good example of an affiliate site is Amazon.

Sell stuff

This option allows direct product sells through your blogging site.

You can either sell your items or get deals from other merchants.

2. How to Set Up a Blog

Now here comes the most important part to start a blog.

There are plenty of platforms through which you can create your blog.

For me, I would recommend you the Word press. org.

This popular site is free, but you need to pay for Webhosting.

Other websites such as the FYI are free but come with their limits.

Below is a step-by-step guide on setting up a video game blog.

Step 1 Think about a unique website niche. Focus on what you love and what you are good at.

Step 2- Come up with a domain name. This refers to your website’s address.

Check on to see whether your domain name is available.

Ensure you create a unique domain name since it reflects the brand of your website.


  • Make it shorter
  • Create a sensible name
  • Avoid using dashes

Step 3 - Register your domain name with a hosting website.

Good examples of such service providers include Kinsta, Bluehost and more.

As a beginner, start with Bluehost which is affordable.

It’s quick and effective for launching your WordPress site.

Also, this hosting service provides support and video tutorials.

Step 4- Once you have registered your domain name, you can install it with your WordPress site with a single click.

3. How to Set Up a Video Game Blog (For Gamers)

The set-up is the same as step 2 above.

However, you need to decide what type of video game information your blog provides.

For example, will you be making game, product or service reviews? 

Some gamers talk only about one specific game genre like the first-person shooter or action games.

Or you can take my approach and talk about the entire gaming industry.

If you're not sure, talk about many video games and later you can specialize in a narrow category.

Here's a quick list to get started:

  • Family games
  • Game products
  • Game news
  • Xbox One Console
  • PS4 Console
  • Computer Gaming
  • Game Websites

4. Design a Blog

Now that we finished the difficult part of how to start a video game blog, let’s focus on the art and design of a blog.

Designing should start immediately after you finish installing WordPress.

You can choose from the many themes to use as a template for your site.

You don’t have to be a professional web developer to design the best theme.

I will provide a little guidance to help you through the process.

If you can check on WordPress, there are plenty of both free and paid themes to use.

Once you purchase a theme, it remains yours forever.

The paid themes also come with superior support and customization.

Free themes have limited design options.

Now let me assume you have settled for paid themes.

When looking for a theme:

• Keep it simple- Blogging is all about creating simple content easy to consume.

Avoid going for those crazy and fancy themes as they are likely to affect the usability of your blog.

A good theme should help easily share your thoughts.

Responsiveness- This means getting a theme with the same look whether on a smartphone or laptop.

As you know, most leaders use smartphones to reach blogs.

Therefore, when choosing a theme for your blog, ensure its mobile-friendly.

Ability to function on different browsers.

The same way readers use different gadgets, they also use different browsers to access blogs.

You must test your theme to determine if it works perfectly on all browsers.

SEO friendliness- The theme you use will determine how search engines can find your information.

Avoid themes with large codes complex to detect.

Support-Anything made by man is prone to problems.

While this happens, you expect excellent support from the developers.

5. Create the Main Pages

Contact information is important when learning to start a blog.

The main page seeks to provide readers with information about you, services offered and how to reach you.

This page allows you to introduce yourself to readers and tell your story.

How to write an about page

It’s never that easy to write about yourself. To help you start, consider the following factors:

1. The value you create for readers

However much it’s known as an about page, make no mistake of talking about yourself only.

You want to let your readers know about you, but it should include the value you are offering.

For instance, my blog seeks to offer solutions to people looking for people suffering from stress.

This will help readers know they are at home.

2. Your audience

The value you create will determine your reader.

However, you also want to ensure readers understand they are reading the right blog.

Explain the blog’s intension. Proof them you are part of them.

Writing a Contact page

This is where most bloggers get it wrong.

They often overlook the contact page, thinking it has little sense when learning how to start a blog.

  • Create a deep or simple contact page.
  • List your social media sites, email, or phone contact.
  • Include a contact form if you have a personal email.
  • Word press also allows one to create custom contact forms by using a plugin.

Think about why people would want to contact you and create an FAQ section on your page.

6. Creating Content

The most technical part of how to start a blog is complete. Now its time to build your blog and watch it grow.

It’s the longest part of this section for the best reasons.

You’ve always heard that content is the king?

Blogging is all about creating valuable content for your visitors.

Whether you want to promote your site or publish articles, content is everything.

As a beginner, you may think about how to manage all this complex stuff.

Just relax! I was also there at one time and it takes only a few weeks before you become an expert.

Meanwhile, I will provide you with tips to create quality content and grow your site.

When deciding on a website niche, always consider well-known topics.

Check on those sites and try to analyze everything from the topics covered to the money-making process.

Copy nothing from those sites, instead of borrowing their ideas.

You can just Google on the best X websites. X here stands for the topic you want to choose.

Coming up with article themes

Keyword research is crucial in article subjects.

However, the most successful blogger doesn’t use this method.

They have well-paying niche sites and don’t require using keywords.

As a beginner learning on how to start a blog, you must use this specific route before you can manage it on your own.

Keyword research is important since it allows you to publish articles that people want.

You must use include on your content the terms people type into search engines.

Examples of keyword research software include:

  • Ahrefs.
  • Ubersuggest
  • SEMRush

While there are many keyword tools, the above ones are ideal when starting.

7. Keyword Research

Two effective approaches will help promote your website. They are effective but have different results.

1. Low competition

The essence of using low competition keywords is to enable you to rank terms with little promotion.

The disadvantage with this method is that you must produce a high content volume to generate traffic.

This calls for extra effort in terms of time and money. The low competition keyword should range below 10.

2. High search volume

Another approach to promoting your website is focusing on higher search volume keywords.

Usually, a keyword with high traffic potential means stiff competition to rank those terms.

You require inbound links to rank for such a keyword.

To get links doing nothing, wait for other sites to link you.

You can also get your links by buying or using guest posts.

It is also possible to use both keyword approaches.

On the number of monthly searches, you can take between 20-30 searches when targeting low search volume.

Once you publish a quality article, you can naturally include as many keywords as possible.

For high search volumes, you can take between 100-500 searches every month.

Automatic links will allow you to get links from other sites without going out there.

It gains these types of links when other blogs link to your site.

They are the best links with minimal risks of the Google penalty. 

Also, you won’t require money to invest in such links.

As you continue creating good content, websites keep referring to your site, making it easier to rank content.

Natural ways to attract links

The first one is quality content. Also, including media into content wonders.

Media such as tables, illustrations, and images work best.

8. Types of Website Content

There are many types of content to use when starting a video game blog.

Once a blog has been created, the rest lies in content.

Creating quality content is the key to generating more traffic to your site.

Some of the most important website content include:

1. The listicle

Just like its name suggests, the listicle is a list of something. For instance, “20 best places to visit”.

2. Tutorials

Are you best at doing something? Why not do it on images or videos?

Most people read and watch the tutorial as they show how to do something.

3. Image galleries

Depending on your niche, images provide a visual advantage on content.

Images are ideal for niches such as hairstyles, cars, tattoos and more.

4. News

News content seeks to update people on trending issues.

If you are always up-to-date on current issues, then news content can be a good start.

A good example is the sports niche.

5. Product review

Product reviews are ideal for affiliating purposes.

You can earn good money by reviewing products relevant to your topic.

6. Tips articles

It’s like the listicle only that it offers tips to accomplish something.

7. Checklist

It's easier to create checklists on various subjects. For instance, “Packaging checklist”

8. Interviews

Because of its exposure, professionals in various industries love being interviewed.

You can create a series of questions and interview with various experts.

The above examples are just a few of the many website contents.

You can choose what you love doing most and turn it into a money-making strategy.

Your experience and interests should be your guide for choosing the right website content.

9. Get Free Content

There are plenty of ways to content for your website.

To start a video game blog, you can hire writers, write on your own or use free content.

The most common way of getting free content is through guest posts.

There are five golden rules to watch when accepting guest posts:

Rule no 1: You should be keen on quality. You don’t have to accept everything just because it’s a guest post.

Only accept quality posts worth publishing on your site.

Rule no 2: Do not take money for submissions. It’s like you are selling links.

If you have to accept money, do it only for sponsored posts. These are guest posts with non-follow links.

Accepting money on do-follow links is compromising quality.

Rule 3: Insist on good keywords from the guest post.

You can either provide a keyword subject or allow them to create one.

Rule 4. Its time consuming to expect quality submissions on your site.

You need to scrutinize everything bit by bit until you find the best posts.

It’s a daunting task but worth the effort.

Rule 5: Don’t rely only on guest posts as your main content.

10. Train Writers

To start a blog, you need quality writers.

The quality of content heavily depends on the guidelines and instructions you provide to your writers.

The less you provide, the little you should expect.

When instructing your writers, try to remain consistent and clear.

Make your instructions as simple as possible.

Too many instructions are likely to confuse the writer’s part.

Less of it also means the low scope of the content.

The key is to strike a balance on the content required and your personal needs.

For technical articles, providing video instruction is possible.

11. Video Game Screenshots (For Gamers)

Are we allowed to use video game screenshots in our video game blog?

Yes, as long as the content says nothing negative about the company who created it.

Negative things include bad comments, reviews, and false information about the video game or company.

For example, don't use video game screenshots to give a bad review about a game.

Video game companies will take legal action against and you for any public damage you caused them.

My recommendation is to create video game reviews about games you liked.

Also provide a website link that takes readers to the video game company's website.

It's all about being professional and making new business partners. 

If you don't like a video game for any reason, there's no need to promote it.

12. Start a YouTube Channel (For Gamers)

You can make your video game blog more professional by adding your own videos.

This is great for showing different in-game strategies of particular games.

However, keep in mind that this is time consuming and can slow down the writing side of your blog.

Twitch and YouTube Gaming are both good platforms to stream and create videos.

13. Start a Video Game Forum (For Gamers)

Starting a forum is a good way to communicate with your followers and create authority to your blog.

A forum is a great place to add video game tricks and tips or answer questions about games.

The problem with adding a forum to your blog is that it takes time to manage it and can slow down your blog's progress.

If you have enough time to run a forum, it will give your blog a huge authority boost.

Before thinking about installing a forum into your blog, make sure your blog's theme is compatible to add a forum.

There are many good forum software out there but the popular ones I know are Buddy Press and bbPress.

Congratulations and Next Steps

Congratulations, you’ve made it. Now you know how to start a video game blog.

You’ve successfully created a fully functioning blog. 

You could set up a blog, choose a website topic, and create content.

After this point, work on delivering quality and inspiring content for traffic generation. 

Sign up with Pinterest accounts if you deal with a visual niche.

All the same, content is the king. Do not hold back from trying different monetization strategies on your score decent traffic.

Your video game blog should earn good revenue if you follow these simple steps.

What do you think? Please let me know if you have further questions so I can assist you.

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