Free Online Halloween Games for Kids - Spooky Fun

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When talking about online games, there are many online Halloween games for kids. There are games specifically designed for kids and those that anyone can play. Some online games are fun to play, others are adventurous and some educational. Hence, children are not only having fun playing online games, but they also learn new things. One type of online game that kids enjoy playing are Halloween games. What are online Halloween games? If you are Read More »

Dragons in Video Games - Friends or Foes

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There are many games, especially role-playing games that you will encounter a dragon. Dragons in video games usually appear during the beginning or middle of a game. Dragons may try to harm you, or some will aid you throughout your gaming journeys. Most of all, these magical dragons are enormous with long wings and beautiful colors. Dragons in Video Games In some games like the “King’s Bounty” series, they give you a baby dragon to Read More »

Werewolves in Video Games - Beware of a Full Moon

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Have you ever been attacked by a werewolf? Hopefully not, but werewolves in video games are very common. They appear in role-playing games like “The Elders Scrolls III Bloodmoon,” or “The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.” Werewolves are usually muscular with large fangs, and they stand up straight like humans.  In video games, werewolves attack in packs but they also have one strong leader. Some of their collective abilities are claw and mauling attacks. In Read More »

Vampires in Video Games are Blood Thirsty

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Vampires in Videogames

What are Vampires? Vampires in video games have always been a favorite for many gamers. We can define vampires as creatures from folklore that survive by feeding on a human being’s life essence, blood. In popular European folklore, vampires are resurrected creatures. Vampires had the habit of visiting close friends and relatives. According to folklore, vampires visit neighborhoods that they once lived in. Then, they cause disturbances by killing those who had aggrieved them. These Read More »