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K1 Games Mission

The purpose of K1 Games is to inform readers about what's going on in the Xbox PC gaming industry.

This blog is especially helpful for new gamers or casual players wanting to gain a competitive edge in Xbox video games.

Whether it's a popular game, hot topic, or strategy guide, I enjoy writing about these things.

Hopefully K1 Games will make you a better gamer and as a result, you will want to continue playing Xbox games.

About Tony

Tony, the owner of K1 Games

A little about the author

Hi and Welcome to K1 Games!

My name is Tony and would like to thank you for visiting ketonegames.com.

My Video Game Story

I love playing video games and my friends completely agree.

On and off work, you can catch me either reading about a game or playing it.

Going back into the video game capsule, I remember playing Pac Man, Centipede, Pitfall, Asteroids, Frogger, Rampage and more.

One of my favorite video game moments was knocking out Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch Out.

Knocking out the champ made me feel like a real boxer.

The Game Saga Begins

But it wasn't until the late 90s when I got hooked on playing video games.

Maybe it was the rising of computer games and being able to play them on the internet.

It all started with Diablo 2, Space Rangers, EverQuest, and all the way to World of Warcraft.

Now I play Guild Wars 2 and try out different games.

My favorites are role-playing games similar to Skyrim, The Witcher, Diablo and much more.

Even though I'm an RPG die-hard fan, I love exploring other genres like a first-person shooter and tactical games.

In order to stay connected with my readers, I created some social channels.

You can follow me on your favorite social site.

Please leave a comment below, I would like to know what games you are playing. ;0)





Kind regards,


Founder of www.ketonegames.com

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